Frequently asked questions

Uniapply is an online platform which enables students from all over the globe to simultaneously apply to multiple countries for higher education.

There are 5 simple steps to applying:

  1. Explore universities.
  2. Choose your matching programs.
  3. Create an account and select your payment plan.
  4. Upload required information and documents.
  5. Send your application!

Some universities do hold their own exams and interviews. You’ll be notified via email if any program you’ve applied to offers them. Also, we’ll make sure you receive all necessary information – incuding the date, time, location, and additional important details – so you can focus on acing your tryout.

If you wanted to know whether or not the institution you wish to apply requires that you take certain exams to qualify for acceptance (the national Baccalaureate, the SAT, A-levels, or others), please check the respective university’s page on the Uniapply website.

You can check your application status in real-time on our platform. You’ll also receive the final decision regarding your admission via email.

Release dates vary across universities. For concrete dates, check out the university’s page on the Uniapply website.

Yes, you can! Currently, you can apply to as many as 5 universities with our ‘PRO’ package. But, you’ll be able to apply to as many universities as you want in the near future.

Every program has a unique list of documents it requires. These documents can be mandatory or optional. If you do not upload a mandatory document, your application will not be sent. You can find a full list of required documents on each university’s Uniapply page.

You can modify you application at any time before sending it to the university.

All your personal data is protected and encrypted during the application process. If requested by an applicant, we can delete or privately release all of his/her personal information. And yes, we do follow all GDPR regulations.

We currently offer three payment packages:

  • ‘Basic’ – 30 euros to apply to one university.
  • ‘Plus’ – 50 euros to apply to 2 universities.
  • ‘Pro’ – 100 euros to apply to 5 universities.

You can buy any of the packages at any time between creating your account and sending your application.

Each package also yields additional benefits to the user. Therefore, their value increases if bought in advance. For more information about each package and its benefits, please see the ‘Pricing’ page.

You can contact us via email, at Alternatively, we can be reached on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or through any contact box on our website.

Our applications are open yearly round. For more concrete information regarding which universities and programs you can still apply to, check each institution’s Uniapply page and see their posted application deadline.

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